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General Introduction

Our cash registers are combining style with functionality designed for small and medium business with easy to create reports and stock control.

All models are equipped with high speed thermal printers, LCD displays that provide both client and operator a reference for the current transaction to eliminate errors.

Customer receipt scan be customized with programmable top and bottom messages, detailed item descriptions, operators details and much more.

Optional devices like weight counters, barcode scanners etc. can be connected to the machine simplifying transactions and decrease the time it takes to finalize a receipt.

Special Features

  • Multi-user systems with sign-on codes and reporting
  • Multiple physical department keys and multiple shifts
  • Large line operator and customer LCD displays
  • Easy drop & load thermal paper printer
  • Programmable lines for receipt messages
  • Multi-purpose trays inside the cash drawer to assist in making change easier
  • Heavy duty cash drawers
The Cyprus Tax Department is informing since 2007 that "any person who carries on a business, is obliged to issue legal invoices and receipts according to law".

The Cyprus Tax Department emphasize also that "for electronic invoicing and collection of evidence, the implementation and operation of an approved Electronic Tax Mechanism are essential".

All of our cash register models are equipped with approved Electronic Tax Mechanisms by the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services of Cyprus.


The CRLX is an ECR with exceptional desktop style, ideal for small-medium business. A fiscal cash register able to customize both on hardware and software as local fiscal regulation.
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The CR6X Cash Register has integrated accounting functions including purchasing, sale, inventory, stocktaking and gross profit management. Ideal for any type of shop, store or business.
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The CRV3 Cash Register is a high printing speed portable register with a user friendly rubber key set design. Print speed up to 150mm/s, which is the first of portable ECR in the world.
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